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Parasylum 927 Rules

  • Groups of 1 to 4 People

  • Wait for Permission to Enter

  • Do NOT Touch the Actors or Props

  • No Food or Drinks

  • No Running, Pushing or Shoving

  • No Flash Photography

  • No Smoking

  • There is Low Lighting and Fog Effects

  • There are NO Chainsaws, Excessive Blood/Gore or Strobe Lights

  • Scream as Much as You Want!



  • Is it scary?

  • Yes, but it's still family friendly. We have MonsterLites for those too scared to have the full effects but will allow guests to wander the haunt undisturbed.

  • What are MonsterLites?

  • It is a light that you borrow from the doorman that removes most of the scares. Triggerable props won't activate and actors will not scare patrons with the MonsterLites. This allows our younger and more timid patrons the opportunity to view the haunt. PLEASE return the MonsterLite after your visit!

  • Is it really free?

  • Yes. We collect food and monetary donations for the Sahuarita Food Bank and had a great response last year. We hope to top it this year! Donations are not required but welcomed!

  • How long have you been doing this?

  • This is the sixth year for the garage haunt but I've been decorating for Halloween for over 33 years. 

  • Will you do it again next year?

  • Sadly, no. This is the final year for our garage haunt. My youngest will graduate high school and putting this together with my family is part of my enjoyment.

  • Do you change themes every year?

  • Yes, and my youngest daughter got to pick the theme for the haunt, Steampunk!

  • Can I go through more than once?

  • Yes, we encourage our actors to change things up for each guest so we welcome repeat customers!

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